The hopping process

The F&K. equipment is capable to brew both infusion and decoction (extra price) beer.

1. The first technologic step consists of milling malt in the double cylindrical mills.
2. Ground malt shall be mixed with water in the hopping mash-copper. Mashing will be performed here at the temperature and rest times respected according to the formula. The F&K. equipment is capable to brew both infusion and decoction (extra price) beer.
3. After mash-off it shall pass through a rapid clarifier ..
4. .. and return to the mash-copper. Hopping shall take place here (80 to 90 minutes).
5. Then the hot beer wort passed into whirlpool where hot draffs shall be separated.
6/A. The hot beer wort shall then be cooled down to 25°C to 28°C in the precooler by tap water.
6/B. When passing through the aftercooler, the beer wort shall be cooled down to a temperature corresponding to the fermentation technology.
Cooling System (Icy water tank + Compressor to refrigerator + Monopropylene-glycol tank)
7. During this procedure it will be aerated and inoculated with sterile lager yeast then pumped into the uni-tank.
The fermentation and the lager storage will be performed here. Envelope-cooled tanks are refrigerated by icy water or monopropylene-glycol in a closed system. After removals of yeast, the finished product of beer will be filled into barrels or bottled. In that state, beer is unfiltered and cloudy. It is containing valuable nutrients like proteins, or vitamins etc. A kieselguhr (diatomite) filter helps to remove yeast cells. The result: a fine beer with extended shelf life, even if flavour components and nutrients lost.
14. Pressure vessel
13. CIP