• The machines are produced in our plants at Cegléd and Miskolc.
  • A particular attention is paid to manufacture spectacle breweries.
  • Our individual tooling grants an easily recognisable image to our installations.
  • Copper domes are ground and polished by precise manual work and their ornaments will be added then according to particular designs.
  • Our products shall only be manufactured from I. class materials with modern technology.
  • Besides manufacturing we undertake mounting at site, putting into operation and training of staff, even if it is dealt with an existing F&K installation.
  • Over and above full warranty, we are prepared to fulfil special requests, as well (arrangement of a pub etc.)
  • Our company is benchmarking new developments and reacts immediately to new market demands (vacuum brewery house, automatic cooling, computer, pneumatics, software).
  • As subcontractors we undertake the manufacture of assembly units like UNI-tank, brewery house etc.)
  • Service techniques (electronic control, computer, drives, pumps) are originating from renowned German and Japanese manufacturers without exception.

From planning to turn key commissioning we are possessing all professional knowledge.